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I've made it my mission in life to provide golfers -- especially high handicappers -- the BEST information they can get to quickly start hitting with more power, authority and confidence for gorgeous long drives!

I've spent the last 20 years searching the globe for the best 'underground' golf instructors and bringing their secrets to average guys like you and me. That's why I created DocsGolfTips.com so you can have access to these tips and secrets from the comfort of your own home.

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    Simple Home-Made Golf Swing Trainer

    2 years ago

    Learn how to make your own golf swing trainer for less than $15. This golf swing trainer will teach you how to add more power to your golf swing by showing you when you are casting or releasing your wrists too early.

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    Best Home Made Golf Swing Trainer

    2 years ago

    Learn how to make you own golf swing training aid to improve your golf game without spending a lot of money. This simple training aid can be made for less than 10 dollars.

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    How To Stop Screwing Up 'Ball Above Feet' and 'Ball Below Feet' Golf Shots

    2 years ago

    Hitting a golf shot from an uphill or downhill position does not have to be difficult. These simple tips will help you hit these tricky golf shots straight and on target.

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    Golf Club Selection: The Golfers Tool Box

    3 years ago

    Most golfers don't realize that the 14 clubs in their bag are capable of creating over 70 different shots. This is why pro golfers never seem to get into too much trouble on the course (they know how to use each club in...

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